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Chai Lifeline National Board Of Directors

Chai Lifeline National Board of Directors

One may think that 1,000,000 is a staggering amount for one team to raise. But for us, the staggering amount is 5,900 as that is the number of children, and their families, that we take care of worldwide. 5900 Jewish children with cancer or other life-threatening diseases. 5900 children impacted by illness and crisis who depend on us to deliver hope and joy.

As a team, we devote thousands of hours of service to this organization. We are the lay leaders whose only compensation is the similes on the faces of the children in our care. We are fueled by our visits to Camp Simcha where we witness the healing power and pure joy that critically ill children experience in Camp Simcha. We are elated for every child in remission, we are distressed by every child who relapses, and we are devastated by every child we lose.

We are the National Board of Chai Lifeline.

Some of us have been serving since inception lending office space, supplies and equipment.

Some of us work tirelessly to ensure Bike4Chai raises the funds that cover a third of our annual budget.

Some of us have grandkids who benefit from yearlong programming and attend Camp Simcha Special.

Some of our kids were once critically ill and devote our time in gratitude for the vital role Chai Lifeline played in their recovery.

One of us lost a child to cancer and founded a region in his name.

Most of us watched our teenagers grow into compassionate leaders as
Chai Lifeline counselors and volunteers.

Each and every one of us prays for a day in which terrible childhood diseases are eradicated and Chai Lifeline could close its doors.

Until then we are committed to supporting Rabbi Simcha Scholar and Chai Lifeline's vital mission.

We can’t do this alone.

Your tax-deductible gift will have a direct impact enabling Chai Lifeline to offer essential programs and services, including professional case management and counseling; transportation to medical appointments; nourishing meals delivered to hospitals and homes; emergency financial assistance; Project Chai crisis intervention, trauma and bereavement support; insurance and medical advocacy; respite and volunteer visits; i-Shine after school programming; and our medically-supervised, magical summer experience at Camp Simcha, Camp Simcha Special, and Camp Simcha Without Borders.

Please join us in solidarity and support for the children of Chai Lifeline by donating through this link or calling with your pledge.

In Gratitude

Chai Lifeline National Board


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1. Charlie & Michael
One may think that 1,000,000 is a staggering amount . But for us, the staggering amount is 5,900, as that is the number of children impacted by severe illnesses who who depend on Chai Lifeline. It is our greatest honor and pleasure to support its mission. In love and gratitude to Ellen Weiss for her tireless dedication to Chai Lifeline’s children In honor of Rabbi Scholar, Rabbi Cohen, and Larry Spiewak.. And in friendship and solidarity with Avigail Rosemore. Charlie and Michael SG Charitable Trust
2. Anonymous
3. Joseph And Norma Maleh
4. Joe Hammer
5. Sol Mayer
6. Hillel And Shani Moerman
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