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Team Eisenstein | Seattle, WA

Team Eisenstein

To Our Dear Friends and Family,

By now you know that we don’t ask for money for a cause very often, but we are asking you once again on behalf of Chai Lifeline. This organization provides an amazing network of support, a lifeline really, to help children battling serious Illnesses, bringing hope and joy to kids and their families every single day.

It’s very hard to describe what it’s like when you have a child scheduled for a major surgery and a surprise package from Chai Lifeline arrives in the mail to provide some happiness to that child and their siblings! Medical needs of one child affect the whole family, especially the parents. So, when Chai Lifeline flew our son’s Camp Simcha counselor (Camp Simcha is Chai Lifeline’s medically supervised summer camp) to Seattle to stay with him in the hospital after a surgery and give us some respite, it was truly lifesaving. The thoughtfulness and care that goes into the things Chai Lifeline does has brought tears of joy and gratitude to our eyes over and over again.

Camp Simcha has been the brightest 10 days in our son’s year for many years now. We can’t be effusive enough about it. It is a magical overnight camp for campers with serious illnesses who otherwise couldn’t have any kind of camp experience. There are so many happy, amazing stories that come out of Camp Simcha and we are inspired by both the campers and the staff.

Most of you know that we just had a summer marked by sad losses. Once again, Chai Lifeline went above and beyond, holding our hands and supporting our whole family as we provided Home Hospice for an elderly family member, during COVID lockdown. Multiple care packages of arts and crafts activities arrived at our home to keep our younger kids happily occupied. Chai Lifeline Case Manager extraordinaire, Alyssa Wiesel, provided a listening ear and experienced advice, and supported us through a very difficult period.

Many people don’t know what to say to a parent raising a child with multiple diagnoses and disabilities. Even when they want to help, it can be hard to know what to do. Alyssa Wiesel and her colleagues at the West Coast Chai Lifeline office seem to know more about what help we need than even we do at times, and they are proactive about it. Chai Lifeline is there for our family just like they are for thousands of families around the world.

This week we celebrate Amy's birthday and our wedding anniversary. We couldn't think of a better gift than a donation to Chai Lifeline!

And join us at the Chai Lifeline Global Gala on December 8th!

With love,

Amy and Michael


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1. The Eisenstein Family
With Appreciation and Gratitude to the West Coast Chai Lifeline Office The Eisenstein Family
2. Lisa And Josh Rothstein
3. Rachel Eisenstein
Thank you Chai Lifeline!
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