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Team Treuhaft.....I-Shine | LAWRENCE, NY

Team Treuhaft.....I-Shine

Everyone knows someone touched by Chai Lifeline - Although most assume that much of Chai lifeline's programming revolves around the child or family member that is ill or requires special medical care.

They are wrong.

We have witnessed firsthand the tremendous care and attention that Chai Lifeline directs towards every member of a family dealing with an unexpected circumstance.

The I-Shine after-school program in the 5 towns - run by tremendous balai chesed - Andy, Stacey and many others - allows children to have an outlet - filled with simcha, caring and excitement - and also allows parents to have a pause where they can collect themselves, and gather strength to continue to be there for their children, for each other and for themselves. At I-Shine children can play with their dedicated counselors, enjoy delicious dinners, do homework or just relax. It is truly an amazing place run by amazing people.

I-Shine 5-towns generally relies on fundraisers to cover its annual budget - but with COVID not allowing these events - they are relying on this fundraising campaign to raise the funds needed to continue their amazing programing .

Your donation means the world to us and to the children of I-Shine Five Towns. Please give generously to our campaign and join us on December 8 as we celebrate this wonderful organization at Chai Lifeline’s virtual Global Gala.

Thank you

Ari and Elisheva Treuhaft


raised of $10,000 goal


Thank You Hashem for the #bestgabbai
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3. Ari And Elisheva Treuhaft
Andy Lauber and Stacey Zrihen
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Keep up the amazing work to bring moshiach now
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