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As Rav Eph always says....

Team Eph | Valley Stream , NY

Team Eph

There is no turning back now! You are on my page - reading this - and I see you!

My campaign image above says it all for me. That is my nephew Elisha braving the waters on the beach at Acadia National Park this past summer. He and I took a road trip north after he came in from Israel to New York. That was after his year of hell, fighting - and beating - cancer and all the terrible $#*! that goes along with it. I was always in touch with him (almost daily) throughout his battle, but our trip was extra special because I got to see him on the other side, just appreciating life! He was never down (at least to me) - even during the darkest hours. He was always pushing me to believe things would be okay in the end - to have faith. I have so much respect for him. So I am raising these funds in his honor. But also....for my mom who has transformed into a superhero before my eyes and has found a home with i-Shine to flex her superpowers. My parents are being honored at the Chai Lifeline Gala this year - so for me, Elisha, Amy, my parents, Kobe...whatever motivates you - please give!


raised of $5,000 goal


1. Jordan Hiller
Mom and Dad, You have always been the Children's Champion, but originally it was just your own kids benefitting. Over the years you added many students, grandchidlren, and the amazing crew at i-Shine to your championship efforts. Now, the world knows and benefits. There is a spotlight on you tonight, but the real honor is in watching you both - week in and out - quiet and dedicated and unstoppable - in your efforts to make the world a better place for ALL your children. Mazal Tov and Thank You for showing us the way. Jordan, Amy, Cory, Maya, and Jack
2. Greenberg Family
To Our Dearest Mom and Dad – Grandma and Papa What an appropriate and fitting name to be honored with - “Children's Champions Award” Your endless love, concern, support, hope and encouragement to all your children, grandchildren and Hashems children knows no bounds You are not only true and real Champions to your family – but to all of Am Yisrael as well. Hashem should Bless you with continued strength, health and everything good in order for you to continue your amazing selfless acts of kindness We love you so much and are so proud of you. Dov and Lauren, Tzvi and Ariella, Elisha, Shayna, Rivky, Esti, Moshe, Chaim Simcha, Aryeh, Akiva and Chava
3. Jared Hiller
4. Jordan Hiller
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